Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Proverbs

If you are trying to find answers to the big questions, you have too much time on your hands.

You know you are liked when people ignore your eccentricities. You know you are trusted when they start complaining, but stay.

All lives will occasionally fall into shadow. It seems the trick is not to escape, but to laugh in the darkness.

It's not as surprising that we die as that we can tell dirty jokes.

Cynicism is just as much a crutch as any other inflexible system of belief.

A bad singer doesn't sing. A poor singer tries to sing. A fair singer sings. A good singer can do anything imaginable with their voice. A great singer can do anything imaginable with their voice, but does it only when appropriate.

When you inexplicably aren't attracted to a very attractive person, it suggests that maybe we're complex beings after all.


Nikita chhaya phadke said...

I will surely use one of this on someone ha ha.The one about perfection is something u keep telling me all the time right?Nice phrases !

Johnny Random said...

love this post. hey sorry to chat you on your blog (couldn't find an email link). just wanted to let you know i posted some important info for you over at smellybilla under your comment. take care.